Unfortunately, there are times when you may need to get a tooth extracted. While the procedure is fairly simple, many patients worry about what it will be like. With the right dentist, you can make sure that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Would Someone Need Tooth Extractions?

Through the tooth extractions Fort Worth, TX dentists offer through general dentistry services, you can fix a variety of different problems. In theory, your teeth should last a lifetime. While you may be able to keep most of your teeth forever, an infection or decay could make one tooth impossible to save.

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Extractions generally happen when you have a tooth that has suffered from decay or trauma. Since the dentist cannot repair the damage, they end up removing it instead. One common reason for wisdom teeth removal is overcrowding. Some people do not have enough room for their wisdom teeth to come in.

Overcrowding is also an issue if you are getting orthodontia. If your dentist wants to align your teeth properly, he or she needs room to do it. Your dentist may also recommend pulling a tooth if there is not enough room for it to actually emerge from your gums.

People also get tooth extractions because of an infection, or the risk of an infection. Someone who has a compromised immune system may get a tooth removed if there is even a slight threat of an infection. If there is a serious infection that reaches the center of the tooth, the dentist may have to remove the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading around.

Most people know that they should brush their teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. One reason why you should do this is to prevent periodontal disease. If you get this disease, it can loosen your teeth because the bones and tissues supporting the tooth develop an infection. Once the infection loosens your teeth, a dentist may need to remove the affected teeth.

How Extractions Work

The general idea behind extractions is fairly simple. After using an anesthetic, the dentist removes the tooth. The dentist may merely use a local anesthetic to numb the area. In other cases, the dentist will use a stronger general anesthetic that puts you to sleep and prevents pain throughout your body.

If you have an impacted tooth, the dentist cuts away the bone and gum tissue that is over the tooth. Then, the dentist rocks the tooth back and forth until it comes out of the jaw. In difficult cases, the dentist has to take the tooth out in pieces.

When the tooth is out, your body will make a blood clot form in the empty socket. The dentist will have you bite down on gauze to stem the bleeding. If the blood clot falls out, the dentist will treat it with a sedative dressing to help a new clot form.

Gentle, Safe Dental Care Can Help

When you need tooth extractions, you may feel like putting it off at first. Many people are afraid of the pain or discomfort of having a dentist remove their tooth. With the tooth extractions Fort Worth, TX clinics offer, clients can find the safe, gentle care they need.

Once you find the right dental clinic, you can enjoy treatment options such as:

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