As you lose teeth, you may try to replace them with bridges or crowns. At some point, though, you may want to use removable dentures instead. After you have lost enough teeth, dentures are a way to quickly restore your natural appearance and enjoy your favorite foods again.

How Removable Dentures Work

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With the removable dentures Fort Worth, TX dentists offer, you can replace missing teeth and boost your self-esteem. When you are unable to chew properly, it can affect your nutritional intake and your overall health. Through full or partial dentures, you can enjoy having a complete set of teeth again.

Dentures are one way to replace missing teeth and restore your normal facial contours. While dental implants function just like normal teeth, dentures are a good alternative. They are especially useful if you do not have enough jawbone left for an implant.

Typical dentures will consist of a gum-colored base that matches your natural gums. This base contains a plastic resin. When you wear your dentures, the base slides over the ridge and gum line that once held your teeth. Then, prosthetic teeth are set into the base to match your natural teeth.

Your dentures stay in place because of how close the dentures fit the alveolar ridges in your mouth, which is why it is so important to get custom dentures from an experienced dentist. While you want the dentures to be removable, you also want to make sure that they stay in your mouth when you want them to.

Initially, it may take some time to adjust to having dentures. This is especially true for activities such as eating and talking. As you adjust, the muscles, nerves, and ligaments in your mouth will figure out how to function in new ways. Your dentures will also fill out and support your facial skeleton, so you may appear more youthful.

The Process of Getting Your Dentures

Getting your removable dentures requires a few different steps. Making quality dentures is a mixture of science and art. The first step is to make an impression of your alveolar ridges in your mouth. Then, a dental laboratory can use this mold to make the base of the denture.

In the dental laboratory, a lab technician works with the dentist to pick out different kinds of prosthetic teeth. The goal is to make your removable teeth as realistic as possible. Once they choose the perfect set of teeth, they are ready to make the temporary dentures permanent.

When your dentist gives you the removable dentures, he or she will make sure that the upper and lower dentures come together properly. By coming together, they can stabilize each other. If your dentures are the perfect fit, you are ready to wear them home.

Remember that you may need to get new dentures in a few months. If you have just lost your teeth, you may lose some bone or tissue mass. This can mean that you have to get entirely new dentures, or your current denture can be re-lined. After your dentist finishes this process, you can enjoy having a cost-effective solution and a more beautiful smile.

Enjoy a Brighter, Happier Smile

For your removable teeth to serve their purpose, they have to fit properly. You need dentures that look just like your natural teeth once did. With the removable dentures Fort Worth, TX clinics offer, you can discover the exact options you need.

Through the right dental practice, you can also find options such as :

No one has to deal with the pain and embarrassment of having dentures that fit poorly. Through Ellis Dental, you can get the custom dentures you deserve. Find out more about our options by calling us today at 817.760.2746.