Your smile is a huge part of what people see when they look at you. If you are afraid to smile because of your teeth, it can leave people thinking that you are unfriendly or standoffish. Whether you want a beautiful smile for your professional life or just for your self-esteem, the right cosmetic dentistry services can help.

What Are Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

When you get the top cosmetic dentistry services Fort Worth, TX has to offer, you are able to discover a more natural, gorgeous smile. Dentists use these kind of dentistry services to help the patient’s teeth look new again. They may use techniques, ranging from crowns to veneers, to brighten your smile.

Basically, you can think of cosmetic dentistry as a smile makeover. If you have stained, broken, chipped, or worn teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. Your dentist can work with you to decide the treatment plan that best fits your needs.

The Kinds of Cosmetic Dentistry

female patient learning about her options for cosmetic dentistry services There are many kinds of cosmetic dentistry services. One of the most basic options is teeth whitening. This option involves bleaching your teeth to remove stains that build up over time.

Many people end up getting crowns because of tooth decay or damage. A crown is like a cap that goes over the decayed tooth. This makes the tooth look normal again. It can also prevent a weak tooth from breaking.

Dental veneers are another option for making your teeth look beautiful. To install veneers, your dentist removes a slight amount of enamel from the tooth’s surface. Then, a thin shell bonds with the teeth for a different shape, color, size or length. You will often see veneers on Hollywood stars because veneers make teeth look perfect and beautiful.

While a bridge can fill the gap where a tooth is missing, dental implants are typically a better option. A dental implant uses a screw and an attached crown to make a replacement tooth. Because the screw works like a tooth root, an implant looks and functions just like your natural teeth. Implants also last a lot longer than bridges or crowns.

If you choose the best cosmetic dentist Fort Worth, TX offers, you can also find options such as dental bonding. This technique uses a kind of resin that looks like your natural tooth color. The dentist applies the material to your teeth before hardening it with a special light. This causes the material to bond to your teeth.

Dental bonding works well if you have a cracked, decayed, misshapen, or chipped tooth. Sometimes, dentists use it to replace silver fillings. After installing the bonding, the dentist will trim, shape, and polish it to match the rest of your teeth.

If you want to straighten your teeth, dentistry services such as Invisalign or braces can also help. Whether you want whiter teeth or a new crown, your dentist can help you figure out exactly what to do.

Start Smiling Brighter Today

Your smile is a huge part of the first impression you make. Cosmetic dentistry services help you fix your smile as quickly as possible. Whether you need a replacement tooth or teeth whitening, you can get help with the cosmetic dentist Fort Worth, TX offers.

At the dental clinic, you can find services such as:

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