Ellis Dental focuses on providing patients with the highest standard of care. Many people are afraid of going to the dentist because of a horrible experience in their past. They may go for years without a formal dental check-up because they worry about what will happen. When you go to a gentle, experienced dentist at our practice, you never have to worry about discomfort or pain. If you’re still searching for a new dentist for your family, it’s time to learn about Ellis Dental.

We go beyond gentle techniques and a comfortable environment. At Ellis Dental, clients will also find a top dental team led by Dr. Manthan Patel. Over the years, we have developed a reputation as the dental clinic that Fort Worth residents know and trust. We strive each and every day to fulfill our patients’ need for high-quality, cost-effective dental procedures.

Getting the Best Care With Dr. Patel

dad and son flossing after learning about Ellis Dental As you learn about Ellis Dental, you learn about Dr. Patel.

When he was a child, Dr. Patel grew up in Ahmedabad, India. Later on, he went to the largest dental school in India. Dr. Patel graduated from the Government Dental School and Hospital in 2006 with his degree in dental surgery.

A bachelor’s degree was not enough for Dr. Patel. Ultimately, his passion for dentistry fueled his desire to go to school in Miami, where he got a master’s degree in public health.

Afterward, Dr. Patel attended the School of Dental Medicine at the University at Buffalo and graduated with a doctorate in dental surgery. Later on, the New York State Department of Health gave Dr. Patel his post-doctorate degree. Soon, Dr. Patel had started a rewarding career and a thriving dental practice so he could help patients in his community.

Today, Dr. Patel is a welcome sight along Ellis Avenue. His patients and staff members know him as Dr. M. For the last five years, Dr. M has helped patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by giving them the highest level of dental care.

Learn About Ellis Dental and the Dental Services We Offer

Whether you are looking for cosmetic procedures, such as professional teeth whitening, or need help with preventative dentistry services, Ellis Dental is here to support your needs. We offer preventative options such as oral cancer screenings and gum disease prevention. If it already seems like you have periodontal disease, we can help you treat it right away.

For cosmetic dentistry services, we provide our clients with options such as orthodontic treatments, dental implants, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers. Many of our clients also use our teeth whitening services for shining, vibrant teeth. Standard options, such as crowns and bridges, can help you repair and replace your teeth for a more gorgeous smile.

Our pediatric services help children get a better smile. Younger patients can check out our teeth cleaning and exam options. To prevent molars and other teeth from developing cavities, we offer sealants for children. These sealants keep cavities from entering natural crevices in the child’s teeth until they are older and better able to care for their teeth.

We Can Help You Discover a More Beautiful Smile

Whether you want a dentist for your child or cosmetic dental services for yourself, our family practice can help. Ellis Dental offers you the best dental professionals and the services your smile needs. From flexible appointments to top-notch staff members, our clinic has everything you need to relax and get the right treatment options.

At our clinic, you can enjoy services such as:

Over the years, we have helped countless clients remove and repair tooth decay. From cosmetic dentistry services to pediatric options, we are here to help you and your family get the exact treatments you need. To learn more about Ellis Dental and how we can help, call us today at 817.760.2746.